Elfriede Hornecker & Willi Schreiber

Unterwegs auf alten Spuren

Der Folcwech zwischen Weser und Hunte

Even though today there is hardly anything to suggest one of the oldest North German main roads, the significance of the Folcwech for the cultural and historical development of the North German region can hardly be overestimated. Innumerable merchants, armies, migrants and travel groups set out on their journey to the East or West on the unpaved Folcwech – and have done so since the Bronze Age. In spite of its great influence and lively use, there are only certain indications of the old road where paths joined at narrow points.


Based on Willi Schreiber’s historical collection, Elfriede Hornecker investigates a route between Weser and Hunte that extends through today’s districts of Vechta and Diepholz to Nienburg. In this area the Folcwech is suspected and in parts proven. Numerous archaeological finds are presented for illustration purposes and their significance for research is explained. Hornecker vividly explains the significance and use of the Folcwech since the Bronze Age and uses short excursions to describe the life and culture in the individual epochs and regions.



180 pages, format 148 x 210 mm, Hardcover, richly illustrated.

Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-943025-58-3
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Stone Age / Bronze Age / Trade Route / Ems / Lüneburg /
Hoya / Weser / Hunteraum / Goldenstedt / Altstraße

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Elfriede Hornecker headed the Hoyaer Museum from 1998 to 2016 and oversaw more than 80 exhibitions during her time in office, some of which attracted national attention. The former teacher has already published various works on regional history.

Willi Schreiber collected the material on the Folcwech over a period of 20 years. The publication is based on his collection.


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