Elisabeth Martschini (trans. and ed.)

Reinfried von Braunschweig. Volume III.

Verses 17.981 – 27.627.

Includes the first translation from Middle High German.

“Reinfried von Braunschweig” is both a verse novel, courtly love, and an adventure story. It was written shortly after the fall of Akon 1291 by an anonymous author in Middle High German. As no title was handed down, it is commonly named after its protagonist. “Reinfried von Braunschweig” consists of two essentially separate parts, the first telling the story of courtship, the second recounting the travels and return of its hero. Only one script of the text exists today, which is a fragment, breaking off in the middle of a sentence.

Vol. III (Verses 17.981 – 27.627)

The muslims in the Holy Land have turned to friends and Reinfried could make his way back to Saxonia. However, he is drawn to foreign lands with the legendary magnet mountain and the not less dangerous chant of the sirene. Only after a magnificent Hoftag in Askalon Reinfried finally embarks upon its journey back home but is left at an unknown shore by his comrades.


ca. 670 Pages, Hardcover, Thread-Stitched, Index, Commentary, Date of Publication: Summer 2018, Format: 12,6 x 21 cm

Language: Middle High German, German
ISBN: 978-3-943025-36-1
120.00 €

Not yet available. To be published summer 2018.

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Dr Elisabeth Martschini, born in 1981 in Baden near Vienna, studied German literature, German as a foreign language, Spanish and Slovenian at the University of Vienna. She works as a lector in Prague.


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