Doctor’s Thesis

We publish your doctor’s thesis and create with you a research monograph meeting the highest standard.


We are always looking for new authors and fascinating manuscripts. Please contact us with your manuscript in a request for publication.


We take pride in being a publisher in the traditional sense of the word, going to great lengths to ensure the extraordinary quality of our books, both contentwise and formwise. In the production, our goal is to make your already great manuscript even better.


Therefore, in close communication with you, we do a very careful copy-editing and proof-reading of your manuscript. Your illustrations are professionally processed to prepare them for high-quality printing and we can also help with the management of image copyrights.


When the copy-editing process is finished, our graphic designer will typeset the manuscript and design an individual cover layout. Last but not least, there is the close examining, reading, and correction of the final proofs and your last chance to make corrections in the text. Only when we both are satisfied with every aspect of the book it will be printed, often with bibliophile features, always in high quality binding.


After the publication, we take care of world-wide distribution and marketing including reviews, presentation in catalogues and relevant academic conferences, as well as incorporation in international new publications databases like Bowker Books in Print.


Our ambition is to grant your project its deserving form, vouching for its quality and high academcic standard with our name. In exchange for a reasonably-priced fee we offer a personal allround-assistance custom-tailored to your work.