Editorial Office

In the humanities, scientific ability is primarily proven in writing. Shortcomings in form, expression and style are among the main causes of devaluations of grades, although these mistakes can easily be avoided. Let our trained eye take a look at your text. With decades of experience in the publication of scientific texts, we optimise your work and bring your results into a correct, academic form.


Our services include
– Formal correction of spelling, punctuation, syntax and grammar
– Check for semantically correct expression, use of correct terms
– Optimisation of word choice, fluency and consistency of language
– Review of reasoning and argumentation
– Standardization of the annotations as well as the bibliography and references according to scientific standards


Cost (per page)
scientific essays: 6,00 €
Bachelor’s and Master’s theses: 8,00 €
Dissertations: 9,00 €
for authors of the Solivagus publishing house: 0,- €.


If you would like to publish your final paper with us after approval for printing, we will deduct the proofreading fee from the printing cost subsidy.
In the case of time-bound final papers, please allow one working day for each 8-10 pages. We have no overnight service and do not like to work on weekends.


You can reach our editorial office via the email address lektorat@solivagus.de. We will be happy to make you an initial offer and discuss your wishes personally.