Rolf Verleger, Nathanja Hüttenmeister (ed.)

Haus der Ewigkeit – בית־עולם

Der jüdische Friedhof Stockelsdorf

This illustrated book documents for the first time the 36 preserved Jewish gravestones in Stockelsdorf, including a transcription, translation and commentary of the grave inscriptions. A historical article starts off the book by shedding light on the political and economic circumstances under which Jewish families settled 200 years ago in the estates that form today’s Stockelsdorf. Their struggle for legal recognition shows great perseverance and tells of a symbiotic relationship with the Christian parishioners, who benefited economically from the Jewish moneychangers and traders. In the small community, the great politics of the time set an example: the treatment of Jewish settlers by the authorities was strongly influenced by the liberal influence of the “French period” in Lübeck and Hamburg, and in the ensuing restoration the Jewish families were again banned from settling. The presentation of the eventful history allows an informed look at the gravestones presented in the second part of the book. Information on symbols, mourning rites and the structure of the cemetery further contextualize this. The illustrated book fills a gap in the research of the Jewish community in Stockelsdorf and sheds light on the historical conditions for Jewish families in Schleswig-Holstein around 1800.


(Title currently out of print)

Solivagus Praeteritum

Hardcover, 162 pages, 40 photographs, 10 graphic works, format 225 x 225 mm.

Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-947064-05-2
24.00 €

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Transkription / Hebräisch / 19. Jahrhundert / Mori / Fackenburg / Lübeck / Judaistik / Mazewa

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Prof. Dr. Rolf Verleger, born 1951 in Ravensburg, acquired his Jewish knowledge in childhood and youth. He has lived in Lübeck since 1988.


Nathanja Hüttenmeister, born 1967 in Münster, research assistant at the Steinheim Institute for German-Jewish History e.V. at the University of Duisburg-Essen, deciphered the complete text of the grave inscriptions.


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