Harald Lacina

Die Spielleute nach spätmittelalterlichen deutschen Rechtsquellen.

[Minstrels according to Late Medieval German Legal Sources.]

This study analyzes minstrels as a group that can be identified in late medieval legal sources, using a white range of archival material including sources from feudal law, municipal law, canon law, and the so-called Weistümer. It proves the heterogeneity of „the“ minstrels and their existence between ecclestiastical culture and vernacular mundane life. This study also investigates the position of the minstrels in courtly and municipal festive culture as well as their increasing settledness in the late middle ages and their self-organisation.


187 Pages, Paperback, 3 Coloured Illustations, Date of Publication: Juni 2010, Format: 14,8 x 21 cm

Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-9812101-7-0
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Medieval History / Legal History / German Legal Sources / Social History / Court Culture / Customs / Church History / Minstrels

Gerhard Köbler, Rez. zu Harald LacinaDie Spielleute nach spätmittelalterlichen deutschen Rechtsquellen. Kiel, Solivagus-Verlag 2010 , in: ZRG GA 128 (2011) 32, S. 187.

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Dr Harald Lacina, born in 1957, studied Law, Dramatics, English Studies, and Art History in Vienna. After having been awarded his M.A. degreee in 1980, he received his PhD in 1982 with as study about „Theatre and Church in Christian Antiquitiy.“ Since 1985, he worked as a civil servant in Vienna. In 1990 he received a doctorate in law. Harald Lacina has widely published on theatre and opera.


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