Franz Simon Meyer

Die ganze Geschichte meines gleichgültigen Lebens. Volume 3.

1850 - 1871. Franz Simon Meyer in Jahren des Krieges. Edited by Sebastian Diziol.

The third part of an extraordinary life and unique manuscript: Franz Simon Meyer takes us through the last 20 years of his eventful and experiential life.

Volumes I and II told – always keeping in mind the events, news and stories that moved him and the world – of Meyer’s travels in Europe, of his apprenticeship years, his rise as a merchant and banker, his sorrows and his happiness.
In this last independent volume, Meyer also recounts not only the events of his private life – deaths, weddings, births, celebrations and more. Above all, the unrest after the Revolution and the warfare during Napoleon III’s reign are the subject of vivid descriptions and critical reflections. Meyer draws a broad panorama of bourgeois life in the 19th century, which is both exciting and moving, not least because of the personal insights into his emotional world. We experience the social and political upheavals in Europe and at the same time get to know a man of that time who trusts in God, goes through emotional depths and at the end of his life looks back on a fulfilled, busy and happy life.

This faithful reproduction of a 150-year-old manuscript is a unique historical source. It contains, in addition to the annual reports, copperplate engravings, seating plans, letters, poems, and other testimonies from Meyer’s life, which he himself collected, and which is hereby made available to a broad public.

A book about time, about identity and the pursuit of happiness.


Solivagus Praeteritum
ca. 564 pages, hardcover, stitching, 35 illustrations, index of places and persons
Format: 16 x 22,5 cm

Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-947064-00-7
34.00 €

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Napoleonic Wars / Progress / Rastatt / German Revolution / March Revolution / Yearbooks / 1848 / Business History / Financial History / Franco-Prussian War / Baden-Baden / 1870 / 1871 / Everyday Piety / Industrialization / Family History / Banker

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Franz Simon Meyer (1799-1871) was born in Rastatt, Baden, near the French border. After training abroad, he took over his father’s merchant business and opened Baden-Baden’s first bank around 1830. At that time, the small town was on the threshold of becoming the summer capital of Europe. Unnoticed by the public to this day, he created his most important work: from the age of 16 until his death, he wrote down once a year what had moved, shaped and influenced him in the previous twelve months.


Sebastian Diziol, born near Baden-Baden in 1982, studied history and journalism in Karlsruhe. In 2007, he completed a Master of History (Research) at the University of Nottingham. In 2013, he earned his doctorate at the University of Hamburg with the thesis “Germans, Become Members of the Fatherland!”. Der Deutsche Flottenverein 1898 – 1934.” He lives and works as a historian and editor in Kiel.


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