Frank Bauer

Vorstellungen von “Deutschtum” in Ungarn in Reiseberichten des 19. Jahrhunderts.

Auf der Suche nach dem Eigenen in der Fremde.
Series: Kulturgeschichte des Politischen, Bd. 2

[Perceptions of “Germanness” in Hungary in Travelogues from the 19th Century.]

From the Middle Ages, the German-speaking minority in the Kingdom of Hungary played an important role in the economic and cultural life of the country. Frank Bauer with a cultural historical approach analyzes the portrayal of this section of the population in travelogues from the 19th century. Which topoi and narratives did their authors connect with the “Deutschungarn”? Which trends and caesuras can be observed in these allocations? Where and how were they placed in space on a mental map? Frank Bauer looks at those discourses in which the authors were searching for the “cultural denominator” of the Deutschungarn. He also analyzes how they were distinguished from the Magyars, the Romanians, and the Slovaks. Bauer proves the virtues allocated to the Deutschungarn by the authors were virtually similar to the contemporary (self-)perception of the German Bürgertum and that they were closely interlinked with the beginning debate about colonies and colonialism in Imperial Germany.

Solivagus Praeteritum

370 Pages, Hardcover, Thread-Stitched, Figures and Tables, Date of Publication: Winter 2018, Format: 14,8 x  21 cm

Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-9817079-9-1
58.00 €

Not yet available. To be published Winter 2018.


Cultural History / Germans in Hungary / Travelogues / 19th Century / Bürgertum / Spatial Turn / Discourse Analysis / Nationalism / Colonialism

Maike Sach: Rezension zu Bauer: Deutschtum. In: Archiv für Kulturgeschichte 101.1/2019, S. 226-228.

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FRANK BAUER, born in 1986 in Halberstadt, Germany, studied History, Art History and Medieval History at the Eberhard Karl University in Tübingen between 2006 and 2012. Funded by the Landesgraduiertenförderung Baden-Württemberg, he received his PhD in 2015 with this study. He works as director of the city archive als well as director of the Kulturamt in Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany.


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