Herbert Bock & Cord-Hilmer Isern

Vom Rittersitz zum Bauernhof

Die Geschichte des niedersächsischen Hofes Spradau von den Anfängen bis heute

In the late Middle Ages, the transformation of knight’s residences into farms can increasingly be observed. The Spradau farm, located in the Oldenburg district of Lower Saxony, also underwent such a transformation. Of the almost 1,000 years of farm history, this chronicle is able to describe the last 500 years in particular, due to the density of sources from the 16th century onwards. The historical account is supplemented by numerous excerpts from sources, a geographical and climatological description of the region as well as the genealogical tables of the farm-owning families Spradau, Warnecker and Isern.


Social-historical processes as well as developments in agriculture and the regional infrastructure can be exemplified by the history of the Spradau farm. The everyday history of the rural milieu can thus contribute to a better understanding of larger social processes.


1. Auflage, ca. 132 Seiten, Softcover, 210 x 148 mm, Fadenbindung, Abbildungen, Stammtafeln und Fotografien, teilweise farbig.
Erscheinungsdatum: 06.10.2023

Language: Deutsch
ISBN: 978-3-943025-73-6
19.90 €

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Rittersitz / Bauernhof / Niedersachsen / Chronik / Regionalgeschichte / Sozialgeschichte / Alltagsgeschichte

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Herbert Bock has been focusing on the Harpstedt region in his studies for many years. After his retirement, the regional historian studied history at the University of Vechta, specialising in the late Middle Ages and early modern period, as well as geography and political science. In 2015, he completed his doctorate with a thesis on the middle Hunter region from the 13th to the 17th century.


Cord-Hilmer Isern (*1943 †2023) took over Hof Spradau in 1969 and continuously drove forward the modernisation of the farm in the following years. He was a member of the board of the Raiffeisen Warengenossenschaft Twistringen, the Unterhaltungsverband Hunte and a member of the hunting advisory board in the district of Oldenburg. In 2008, he handed over the farm to his son Torben Isern.


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