Christiane Ulrike Kurz

“Ubi et est habitatio sororum et mansio fratrum”.

Doppelklöster und ähnliche Klostergemeinschaften im mittelalterlichen Österreich. Diözese Passau in den Ausdehnungen des 13. Jahrhunderts.

[Double Monasteries and similar Communities of Religious Orders in Medieval Austria (Passau Diocese in the Extent of the 13. Century).]

Subject matter of this thesis are double monasteries and similar monastic societies in medieval Austria, especially in the Passau diocese. Double monasteries are religious institutes of canons that comprise a community for men as well as one for women with both groups living in the same place and following the same canons under the same authority. Apart from dealing with the monks and nuns of established orders like The Order of Canons Regular of St. Augustine, The Order of Canons Regular of Premontre, and The Benedictine Order, this book also covers the younger Orders of St. Dominic, The Orders of Friars Minor, and the Order of St. Clare as well as the Cistercian monks and nuns. The author gives a detailed definition of the term ‘double monastery’ and for the first time comprises a catalogue of 26 double monasteries and societies in the Passau Diocese, using written, architectural, and archaeological sources.


298 Pages, Paperback, 48 Illustrations, Date of Publication: March 2015, Format: 14,8 x 21 cm

Language: German, Latin
ISBN: 978-3-943025-19-4
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Medieval History / 13th Century / Double Monasteries / History of Christianity / Austria / Diocese Passau / Cataloguing

Danielle Joyner: Rezension von: Christiane Ulrike Kurz: “Ubi et est habitatio sororum et mansio fratrum” . Doppelklöster und ähnliche Klostergemeinschaften im mittelalterlichen Österreich (Diözese Passau in den Ausdehnungen des 13. Jahrhunderts), Kiel: Solivagus Verlag 2015, in: sehepunkte 16 (2016), Nr. 11 [15.11.2016], URL: (eingesehen am 15. November 2016).

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Dr Christiane Ulrike Kurz studied History and Art History at the University of Vienna and received her PhD in 2010 with this thesis, which was supervised by Georg Scheibelreiter.


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