Katharina Wulf

Immigranten aus der Türkei in Kiel.

Ethnisierung und Milieuschema in der Migrationsforschung.

[Immigrants from Turkey in Kiel. Ethnicization and Milieu in Migration Research.]
This study is based on a survey undertaken in 2009 in Kiel among immigrants from Turkey, including boths experts and representatives of various associations, mosques, and social organisations from first and second generation immigrants from Turkey.
Wulf in her study draws a multifaceted picture of the social and culutral milieus in Kiel. Her main point is that the sense of belonging to a certain milieu is more important and formative for the identity and self-perception of a person than „ethnic“ background.
This book for the first time tells the story of the history of immigration from Turkey to Kiel.

Eick Verlag

189 Pages, Paperback, Date of Publication: March 2015, Format: 14,8 x 21 cm

Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-9815733-3-6
32.00 €

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Kiel / Empirical Study

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Katharina Wulf studied Educational Science, Islamic Studies, and Sociology at the University of Kiel.


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