Thoralf Klein (ed.)

The Boxer War.

Media and Memory of an Imperialist Intervention.
Series: Kolonialismus und postkoloniale Perspektiven Band 1 [Colonialism and Postcolonial Perspectives, Vol. 1]
Conference Volume

Exploring the media coverage of the Boxer War in Western countries as well as in Chinese provinces, this international volume identifies media as the key link between a historical event and its memory. Moving beyond a narrow definition of media, the contributions include a number of media types that have been rarely, if at all, studied before in this context – for example the analysis of German soldiers’ letters, parliamentary debates as a form of performative medium, games and toys, periodicals, adventure novels, and school textbooks as well as archival practices of storing and ordering records –, examining the dynamics between various types of media in a plurimedial setting, explicitly including comparative research. Tracing the relationship between media and time, this volume also adresses the question how historical memory is transmitted via media to present times and how the Boxer War became a historical point of reference in its own right.

Solivagus Praeteritum

300 pages, Hardcover, format 148 mm x 210 mm.

Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-947064-04-5
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Media Research / Conference Volume / historical memory / western media / chinese provinces / Eight-Nation-Alliance / propaganda

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Thoralf Klein studied history, political science and sinology in Bonn, Guangzhou and Freiburg i. Br. Since 2010 he has been teaching as Senior Lecturer in Modern History at the Department of History, Politics and International Relations at Loughborough University. His work focuses on the cultural and social history of China since 1800, the history of German-Chinese relations, the history of Christianity in China, and colonial history.


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