Mariano Di Firenze

Libro delle degnità et excellentie del Ordine della Seraphica Madre delle Povere Donne Sancta Chiara da Asisi.

Das Buch vom Orden der Heiligen Klara von Assisi,
ediert und übersetzt von Karin Mair.

[The book about the Order of Saint Clare.]
Mariano di Firenze (dies 1523), chronicler and member of “Franciscan Observance” has written a history of the Order of Saint Clare, a remarkable mixture of both chronicle and Christian devotional literature, in which historiographical elements are intermingled with hagiographical aspects. His text is not only an important contribution to Franciscan history, it is also a testimony of the mentality of “Franciscan Observance” in the early 16th century – a time in which monastery reform and the separation of orders led to the importance of an affirmation of its identity and continuity.

Katrin Mair in this book transcribes, compares and for the first time translates the three preserved early modern manuscripts of the Libro delle degnità from Italian/Old Italian, thereby making it accessible to historical and theological research. An extensive apparatus of endnotes puts the text into context.


ca. 250 Pages, Paperback, Date of Publication: Winter 2017/18, Format: 14,8 x 21 cm

Language: Italian, German
ISBN: 978-3-943025-42-2
74.00 €

Not yet available. To be published: Winter 2019.


Middle Ages / Edition / Medieval Historiography / History of Christianity / Order of Saint Clare / Order of Friars Minor / Order History / Hagiography / Clare of Assisi / Francis of Assisi

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Karin Mair, born 1976 in Wels, Austria, graduated from the University of Salzburg in 2008 with a major in Church History. She spent several semesters studying Italian and other languages at Italian universities. She completed her doctoral studies at the University of Salzburg and at the Antonianum in Rome. Since 2008 Mair has been working for Fabrica di San Pietro in Vaticano, the cathedral building site of Saint Peter in the Vatican.


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