Klaus Landa

herre und pfaffe. Die Repräsentanten weltlicher und geistlicher Macht in der Sicht ihrer Zeitgenossen in Mittelalter und Gegenwart.

Ein Vergleich anhand didaktischer Literatur des 13. Jahrhunderts und demoskopischen und programmatischen Datenmaterials aus Österreich.

[Representatives of secular and ecclesiastical power from the perspective of their contemporaries in the Middle Ages and the Present Time. A Comparison employing Didactic Literature of the 13th century as well as Public Opinion Surveys.]

This study analyses the relationship of human beings with power, i.e., with the representatives of secular and ecclesiastical power, focusing on imagined ideals, demands, and criticism. It also compares the ideal image formulated in the didactic literature of the 13th century, with the demands that are posed on present-day secular and ecclesiastical officials. It draws on the three most important didactic books of the 13th century as sources: Thomasin von Zirklare: „Der welsche gast“, Freidank: „Bescheidenheit“, and Hugo von Trimberg: „Der Renner“. This interdisciplinary study combines the history of mentalities with cultural studies and literature studies.


514 Pages, Paperback, Date of Publication: October 2012, Format: 14,8 x 21 cm

Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-943025-04-0
79.00 €

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Medieval History / Didactic Literature / Public Opinion / German Poetry / Clergy in Literature / Politicians in Literature / Kings and Rulers in Literature / Middle High German

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Dr Klaus Landa, born in Linz, studied German Philology, History and Social Studies at the University of Salzburg. He received his PhD degree in German Literature in 2004. He worked as freelance copy-editor for several publishing houses and as research assistant at the Institute for German Philology at the University of Salzburg. Since 2005 he works for museums.


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