Rolf Verleger, Nathanja Hüttenmeister (ed.)

Haus der Ewigkeit – בית־עולם

Der jüdische Friedhof Stockelsdorf

The Jewish cemetery in Stockelsdorf brings together the beauty of a wild refuge and the historical testimony of a past community and its members. The illustrated book, edited by Dr. Rolf Verleger and Nathanja Hüttenmeister, impressively takes both components into account. Each gravestone was photographed, its inscription transcribed and translated. Framed by graphic art and historical background reports, the Jewish cemetery in Stockelsdorf becomes more comprehensible to today’s visitors without taking away the place’s enchanted aura.

A scientific essay about the history of the Jews of Stockelsdorf is added to the illustrated book as an introduction.



Hardcover, 60 pages, 40 photographs, 10 graphic works, format 225 x 225 mm.

Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-947064-05-2
24.00 €

Will be published on August 19th 2019.


Transkription / Hebräisch / 19. Jahrhundert / Mori / Fackenburg / Lübeck / Judaistik / Mazewa

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Prof. Dr. Rolf Verleger, born 1951 in Ravensburg, acquired his Jewish knowledge in childhood and youth. He has lived in Lübeck since 1988.


Nathanja Hüttenmeister, born 1967 in Münster, research assistant at the Steinheim Institute for German-Jewish History e.V. at the University of Duisburg-Essen, deciphered the complete text of the grave inscriptions.


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