Bernd Ulrich Hucker (ed.)

Eine Burg im Moor – die Arkeburg.

Entdecken Sie Nordwestdeutschlands größte Ringwallanlage.

[Arkeburg. A hillfort in the Marsh.]

The Arkeburg, an early medieval castle near the town Goldenstedt in Lower Saxony, surrounded by marshland and heath, is one of the most important archaeological monuments in northern Germany. As the largest hillfort in the northwest of Germany, it still impresses its visitors, who roam its walls, nowadays covered with dense forest. For a long time, the history of the Arkeburg was shrouded by the dark veil of the past. Thanks to the initiative of the Anna-and-Heinz-von-Döllen-Foundation, in 2014 an interdisciplinary team of scientists began archaeological and historical research on the Arkeburg in order to finally lift the proverbial veil to uncover its mysteries and shed light on its hitherto hidden history. This book presents the findings of the first excavation campaign and in 14 articles embeds the Arkeburg as a vivid piece of local history into the fascinating natural landscape of Goldenstedt.


152 Pages, Hardcover, Thread-Stitched, Richly llustrated, Date of Publication: December 2015, Format: 21,6 x 23 cm

Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-943025-25-5
19.90 €

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Archaeological Excavation / Goldenstedt / Gogericht / Lower Saxony / Middle Ages / History / Archaeology / Hillfort

Sabrina Daubenspeck: „Eine Burg im Moor“: Zwischenbericht zur Erforschung der Arkeburg in Goldenstedt. Pressebericht der Universität Vechta (22. Januar 2016).

Julia Kreykenbohm: Gesucht: Mitstreiter beim Lösen historischer Rätsel. Bernd Ulrich Hucker präsentiert erste Zwischenergebnisse zum Forschungsprojekt Arkeburg / Viele Fragen sind noch ungeklärt, in: MK Kreiszeitung (31. Dezember 2015).

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Prof. Dr Bernd Ulrich Hucker is a medieval historian and Professor for regional history at the University of Vechta.


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