Herbert Bock

Begehrt und umstritten.

Der mittlere Hunteraum vom 13. bis zum 17. Jahrhundert.

Exciting and eventful is the impressive history of the region around Harpstedt and its peasant dynasties, which the historian Herbert Bock for the first time presents to a larger public.

If you always wondered about the meaning of local town names, which effects events like the Reformation or the Thirty Year’s War had on your ancestors, you will find the answers in this book. Herbert Bock gives gives astonishing insights into the everyday life of the peasants and the other inhabitants of the Harpstedt region while putting them into a historical context and keeping an eye on the larger political developments. He complements his study with an analysis of climatic changes, the development of prices and the sometimes catastrophic effects they had on the region and the people living there.

The Harpstedt region was everything but a remote place of peace and quiet, it was sought-after and contested.


432 Pages, Hardcover, Thread-Stitched, Richly Illustrated, Index, Date of Publication: 28 October 2016, Format: 14,8 x 21 cm

Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-943025-31-6
29.00 €

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Medieval Studies / Early Modern Period / Reformation / Thirty Years' War / Wallenstein / Cultural History / Prosopography / Germany


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Herbert Bock has been engaged in research into the local history of the Harpstedt region for many years. After his retirement, he studied medieval and early modern history, geography, and political science at the University of Vechta. This study is his doctoral thesis.


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