Wojciech Kozłowski

The Thirteenth-Century Inter-Lordly System.

Lordly Identity and the Origins of the Angevin-Piast Dynastic Alliance.

This book offers a pioneering answer to a puzzle shared by scores of medieval historians: how to make sense of the late medieval inter-lordly politics? Taking the Angevin-Piast dynastic marriage of 1320 as a case study, Kozłowski surveys international politics in Latin Christendom across the 13th century in a powerful attempt to develop and substantiate an alternative approach to medieval politics. Drawing on IR theoretical discourses and exploring essential elements of medieval political culture, the book introduces a concept of “lordly identity” as an analytical tool for determining lords’ political motivations, and discusses the basic structure of a system, wherein inter-lordly relations occurred.


First Edition, Hardcover, ca. 450 pages.

Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-943025-61-3
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Anjou / Piasts / Poland / 14th century / International Relations / Hungary / Motivation / Nobility / Herscherhäuser / Władysław Łokietek / Political History / Bohemia / Europe / Political Science / transnational study / Charles I of Hungary

Sven Jaros : Rezension in: H-Soz-Kult, 28.04.2021.

Gábor Barabás : Rezension im Ungarn Jahrbuch 36/2020, S. 315-317.

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Wojciech Kozłowski is the director of the Pilecki Institute, a research institution based in Warsaw, and the chief editor of its scholarly journal Totalitarian and 20th Century Studies. He holds Ph.D. in medieval studies from Central European University and M.A. in history from the University of Warsaw. He was a fellow at the New Europe College and a visiting scholar at the Department of History at Harvard.


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