Iulia Caproş

Students from Košice

at foreign Universities before and during the Reformation Period in Town.

This is a detailed study about students’ mobility and education in relation to Central-Eastern Europe. Based on the example of university attendees from the town of Kosice, located in present-day Eastern Slovakia, formerly in the Hungarian Kingdom, the author addresses several aspects discussed in the social and university history, such as matriculation facts and numbers, financing university studies, postgraduate opportunities and impact of university attendance upon the development of individual careers. The research is based upon an extensive prosopographical catalogue which comprises all university attendees from Kosice throughout the research period, identified in the available sources. The results contribute to a better understanding of the conditions surrounding university attendance of town burghers during the research period, while the prosopographical catalogue provides valuable material for further research.


426 Pages, Hardcover, Thread-Stitched, Prosopographical Catalogue, Date of Publication: October 2013, Format: 14,8 x 21 cm

Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-943025-10-1
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Medieval History / Early Modern Period / 14th-17th Century / Reformation / Intellectual History / Social History / History of Universities / Academic Mobility / Prosopographical Studies / Hungary / Slovakia / Vienna / Wittenberg / Cracow

Andrea Singh Bottanová, Rez. zu Iulia Caproş: Students from Košice at foreign Universities before and during the Reformation Period in Town. Kiel, Solivagus-Verlag 2013, in: MIÖG 123 (2015), S. 515 f.

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Dr Iulia Caproş has received her first degree in Philology at the State University in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. She continued her postgraduate studies at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, where she received her Master Degree in Medieval Studies in 2000 and defended her Doctoral Thesis in History in 2010. During her postgraduate studies she has benefited from a number of scholarships to research at various international academic institutions. From 2007 to 2011 Iulia Capros has taught different courses at the Department of World History at the State Pedagogical University in Chisinau, Moldova. Since September 2011 she is working on her post-doctoral project on academic migration from Moldova abroad.


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