Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Verein Fehmarn e. V. (Hg.)

Lars Käker

Ein Grenzgänger des Porträts

The two-part exhibition Lars Käker – Ein Grenzgänger des Porträts on the island Fehmarn shows photorealistic portraits by Cologne-based painter Lars Käker. Käker was born on Fehmarn. His oil paintings are definite-figurative; not merely picturing the human object, he always plays a visual game with inner and outer perception, shining a light on socially marginalized individuals, making statements both critical and ironic-bizarre about today’s society.

Part auf the exhibition are works from the series „Müllwerk“, „portraits_2null“, „Das Graue Quadrat“, „Draußen 2.0“ and „Boxer XXL“, and as Work in Progress an artistical examination of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s painting „Ins Meer Schreitende“.

Solivagus Praeteritum

48 pages, Softcover, 36 colour images, Date of publication: 6th July 2018, Format: 22,5 x 22,5 cm.

Language: German.
ISBN: 978-3-947064-03-8
12.00 €

Not yet available. Date of publication 6th July 2018.


Exhibition Catalogue / oil paintings / drawings / contemporary art / portraits / photorealism

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Lars Käker was born 1971 in Burg auf Fehmarn. After graduating from school 1992 he directly entered the art market. His works have been shown in a multitude of art exhibitions; several are exhibited permanently, i. a. in the Museum am Dom, Würzburg and in the Deutsches Sport- & Olympia Museum, Cologne.


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