Irene Daum (Hg.)

Lars Käker – Menschenbilder aus drei Jahrzehnten

For centuries, the painted portrait was a privilege of the powerful and rich. It was a status symbol and stood for rank, power and wealth. With his picture, the portrayed person determined with which expression and visible features he wanted to be seen by posterity.

The people painted by Lars Käker come from the other sphere, that of the normal working population, from social fringe groups, from the mass of people who have no power and are not rich. In painting people whose lives are only important to themselves and their environment, Lars Käker succeeds in providing an honest, undisguised look into the soul. In Käker’s portraits of everyman and everywoman, complex personalities and the traces of truly lived lives become visible to the viewer. In faces that are as special as their own.


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Solivagus Praeteritum

1. Auflage, 83 Seiten, Softcover. Format: 225 mm x 225 mm. Mit über 150 Bildern des Künstlers, farbig. Erscheinungsdatum: 21.12.2022

Language: Deutsch
ISBN: 978-3-947064-18-2
24.95 €

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Portrait / Ölmalerei / Retrospektive / zeitgenössische Kunst

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Lars Käker was born in Burg auf Fehmarn in 1971. In 1988 he received a scholarship for gifted students from the Louisenlund Foundation. He graduated from the boarding school there in 1992. Since the beginning of the 1990s he has devoted himself to portrait painting as a freelance artist. portrait painting. His works are shown in private and public exhibitions. Lars Käker lives and works in Cologne. He is an autodidact.

Prof. Dr. Irene Daum worked many years as a professor of neuropsychology at universities in Italy and abroad and is the author of more than 100 scientific articles and book contributions on topics such as perception, creativity and contemporary art. She translates prose volumes from Italian into German for La Toletta Verlag, Venice, and is editor of the online journal w/k ( Also elected member of the Ateneo Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, Venice, and member of the board of Cultopia Stiftung – Kunst hilft Geben, Cologne.


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