Ludwig Stuchlik

Die alttschechischen Handschriften zur Krönungsordnung der böhmischen Könige.

[The old Czech Manuscripts concerning the Rules for the Coronation of the Bohemian Kings.]
This book is an updated version of a doctoral thesis submitted in 1998. The author analyses the four manuscripts in old Czech language concerning the rules for the coronation of the Bohemian kings from a philological point of view. His main aim is to trace the development of the Czech language along the different versions of the manuscript. This updated version of his thesis is the first German publication to include in its analysis the manuscript from Leitmeritz which was believed to be lost until the year 2000. The work consists of a transcription of the old Czech manuscripts together with a critical and paracritical apparatus as well as a translation into modern Czech and for the first time also into German. A glossary contains all terms present in the manuscripts including their German and Latin equivalents. The appendix gives an overview on the history of the coronation rules and puts them into a European context.


468 Pages, Hardcover, Thread-Stitched, Index, 9 Specimens of Handwriting, Date of Publication: December 2014, Format: 14,8 x 21 cm

Language: German, Czech
ISBN: 978-3-943025-16-3
61.00 €

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Medieval History / Holy Roman Empire / Prague / Coronation Rules / Kings of Bohemia / Manuscripts / Linguistics / Old Czech Language / Linguistic Glossary / Transcription / Translation

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Dr Ludwig Stuchlik (1945 – 2016) studied Slavic Studies, Eastern European History, English Studies, and Philosophy in Vienna, Birmingham and Moscow. Afterwards he worked as a translator, specialized in economy and law. His PhD thesis on the order of the coronation of the Bohemian kings is his life’s work and was written and conceived between 1967 and 1997/2014.


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