Klaus Pührer

Datierung nach Sonnenfinsternissen

und ihre Sinnhaftigkeit für das Mittelalter am Beispiel österreichischer Annalen.

[Dating using solar eclipses.]
Eclipses are impressive natural phenomena, a fact that dating according to solar eclipses puts to use. In contrast to physical or chemical methods of dating which are dependent on archaeological finds, this system of dating is based on texts.
Using 16 carefully selected solar eclipses that occurred in the territory of what is Austria today in the middle ages, Klaus Pührer shows how accounts of eclipses in the annals of monasteries can be interpreted. From an astronomical point of view, the Delta t problem as well as the complex movement of the moon are of the utmost importance. Seen from a historical perspective, the dependence between different annals and the leeway of translations from medieval Latin are to be observed.
Klaus Pührer addresses the question if historical sources and events can be dated using solar eclipses.


632 pages, 148 x 210 mm, hardcover, thread-stitched, richly illustrated, date of publication: 2022

Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-943025-37-8
76.00 €

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Medieval Studies / Solar Eclipse / Astronomy / Delta t Problem / Monastery Chronicles / Austria

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Klaus Pührer, born in Bad Ischl (Austria), studied History in Salzburg. 2007 he received his PhD with this thesis.


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