Florian Jungmann & Martin Krieger

Dänemark als globaler Akteur (17.-20. Jahrhundert)

Koloniale Besitzungen und historische Verantwortung
Series: Kolonialismus und postkoloniale Perspektiven, Band III


From 1620 until the 20th century, Denmark had colonies in the North Atlantic, the Caribbean, India and on the west coast of Africa.
African west coast. After the loss of Schleswig-Holstein in 1864, however, Denmark came to see itself as a nationally homogeneous small state and memories of its colonial past and its involvement in the slave trade faded. Over the past three decades, historians have begun to devote themselves to this essential part of Danish history.

This volume provides a general overview of the country’s colonial history and also deals with specific aspects, such as Denmark’s involvement in traditional economic structures and colonial urban development in India, archaeological research into the Danish slave economy in present-day Ghana and the preservation of colonial cultural heritage in the Virgin Islands.

The global and interdisciplinary approach of the volume also applies to the authorship. Authors have been recruited from Denmark, Iceland, Germany, India and Ghana.



1. Auflage, 314 Seiten, Softcover, Fadenheftung. Format. 148 x 210 mm. Enthält Fotografien, Karten und Tabellen, tlw. farbig.
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.05.2024

Language: Deutsch
ISBN: 978-3-947064-15-1
56.00 €

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Dänemark / Kolonialgeschichte / Dekolonisation / Grönland / Island / Indien / Ghana / Amerikanische Jungferninseln/ Tranquebar / Serampore / Herrnhuter / Joseph Banks / Heinrich Ludwig von Schimmelmann

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Florian Jungmann, M. Ed., studied History and German Studies at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel. He has been a research assistant at the Chair of Northern European History there since 2017. He is currently working on a dissertation on King Christian VI of Denmark-Norway.

Prof. Dr. Martin Krieger received his doctorate from the Ernst Moritz Arndt University of Greifswald in 1996 and habilitated there in 2002. He has been Professor of the History of Northern Europe at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel since 2009. His research specialisms include the history of Denmark, the Baltic Sea region, knowledge history and global history.


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