Feridoun Zaimoglu, Günter Senkel


Theaterstück für die Sommerfestspiele Melk

To reach the stars or gods King Enmerkar wants to build a famous tower. The best masons, builders and architects have gathered in his great city of Babylon and await the ambitious building project. Some are jubilant, sure in his accomplishments and virtues. Others fear their final destructions should the gods decide to deprive Enmerkar of their divine favoritism.

Ferdidoun Zaimoglu and Günter Senkel interprete the famous bible text anew for this years Summer Festival in Melk, Austria.


Softcover, 60 pages, 210 x 148 cm.

Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-943025-54-5
9.95 €

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Play / Summer Festival Melk / Bible / Nebukadnezar / Assyria / Babylon / Ziggurat / Temple / Language Confusion / Origin Myth

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Feridoun Zaimoglu, born 1964 in Bolu and grew up in Germany, first studying Fine Arts and Medicine. Today he works as an author, screen writer, artist, curator and journalist.

Günter Senkel was born 1958 in Neumünster, Germany and started his career in the 1970s as a political activist. He worked in various positions before ending his studies of Physics to open his own bookstore in Kiel, where he lives and works as a free author currently.


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