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Lars Käker – Menschenbilder aus drei Jahrzehnten

In his portraits, Lars Käker deals intensively with the personalities of the people he paints. His oil paintings and drawings place the individual alone at the centre of attention. This retrospective shows his artistic work from three decades.


For centuries, the painted portrait was a privilege of the powerful and rich. It was a status symbol and stood for rank, power and wealth. With his picture, the portrayed person determined with which expression and visible features he wanted to be seen by posterity.

The people painted by Lars Käker come from the other sphere, that of the normal working population, from social fringe groups, from the mass of people who have no power and are not rich. In painting people whose lives are only important to themselves and their environment, Lars Käker succeeds in providing an honest, undisguised look into the soul. In Käker’s portraits of everyman and everywoman, complex personalities and the traces of truly lived lives become visible to the viewer. In faces that are as special as their own.

1st edition, 83 pages, softcover, 225 x 225 mm. Over 150 pictures by the artist, in colour.

ISBN: 978-3-947064-18-2


portrait / oil painting / retrospective / contemporary art

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