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Four brothers of the Hanoverian von Hodenberg family joined the King’s German Legion in England between 1803 and 1805. The legion supported the British army against Napoleon. They maintained a lively correspondence with their parents during the war years, which has been transcribed and annotated for the first time for this source edition.

Much of this correspondence has survived. From Copenhagen to Madrid, from Gibraltar to Rügen, they described places, landscapes and their personal experiences as officers in the service of the British Crown.


This is the first scholarly edition of letters written by members of the King’s German Legion during their service to the United Kingdom. Based on a transcription true to the letter, the letters are explained, named persons are identified and the events described are historically classified.



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1st edition, 370 pages, hardcover, thread stitching. Format: 148 x 210 mm. Numerous illustrations, some in colour.

ISBN: 978-3-947064-14-4


King’s German Legion / Anti-Napoleonic Wars / Coalition Wars / Wars of Liberation / British Army / Personal Union / Electorate of Hanover / Wellington / George III / London / Lisbon / Bexhill / Gibraltar / Rügen / Copenhagen

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