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The Kiel maternity hospital of the 19th century as a mirror of medical and social challenges. A history of obstetrics in Schleswig-Holstein from then until today.


The Medical and Pharmaceutical History Collection at Christian Albrechts University in Kiel houses a display cabinet with 31 female pelvic bones. The pelvises were removed between 1840 and 1888 from the bodies of women whose births caused particular complications due to their pelvic shape and who died in the Kiel maternity hospital. Only the 31 pelvises with the medical records are still preserved from them and allow the authors of this book to trace the lives and deaths of these women.

In addition, Ibrahim Alkatout and Christian Hoffarth examine the social, legal and medical historical conditions in 19th century Schleswig-Holstein.


1st edition, 461 pages, hardcover, thread stitching. Format: 160 x 225 mm. With numerous illustrations and further illustrations, partly in colour. Publication date: 02.11.2023

ISBN: 978-3-947064-19-9


Kiel Maternity Hospital / Pregnancy / Obstetrics / Social History / Gynaecology / Medical History / Biography / Narrow Pelvis

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