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Stadthagen has changed over the course of 800 years: From a farming town in the medieval forest clearing area of the Schaumburg counts and later residence, the town has become an attractive regional centre. On the occasion of Stadthagen’s 800th anniversary, the early history of the town is reassessed and many other aspects of the town’s history are illuminated.

Different articles are devoted to the history of St. Martin’s Church, the history of the Jews in Stadthagen or the Lusthaus in the castle gardens. For the first time, a spotlight is thrown on the Grip family, who skilfully climbed the career ladder in the 14th century. The situation of Countess Johanna Sophie, who lived separately from her husband, is also examined during her stay at the Stadthäger Castle.

The reader will find much that is new, including previously unknown archive material and maps, as well as familiar facts from a new perspective. As if seen through a kaleidoscope, around 30 authors illuminate aspects of Stadthagen’s development in more than 50 illustrated articles: e.g. the historic Schützenfest, the town during the Weser Renaissance, industrial history and the aftermath of the Second World War. Anecdotes, short articles and examples from a school notebook from 1949 lighten up the narrative. And like a common thread, a list of mayors accompanies the reader through eight centuries.

1st edition, hardcover, thread stitching, ribbon bookmark, ca. 484 pages.

ISBN: 978-3-943025-43-9


Founding of Stadthagen and Schaumburg / Hagenhufen / Reformation / Enlightenment / Industrial and Mining History / World War II / Economic Miracle

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