Marie Bunatová

Die Prager Juden in der Zeit vor der Schlacht am Weißen Berg.

Handel und Wirtschaftsgebaren im Spiegel des Liber albus Judeorum 1577 – 1601.

[Jews in Prague prior to the Battle of White Mountain. Trade and Economic Behaviour of the Jews in Prague described in the Liber albus Judeorum 1577 – 1601.]

This is the first detailed analysis of the history of the Jewish community in Prague prior to the Battle of White Mountain (1490 – 1620), using previously unstudied sources. It focuses on Jewish merchant and economic activities in Prague. The study contradicts the onesided myths of “the Jew” as a profiteer and moneylender, drawing a more complex and realistic picture of Jewish involvement in trade and commerce.


2nd, revised Edition, 341 Pages, Paperback, Registers of Places and Persons, Enclosed Map, Date of Publication: July 2016, Format: 14,8 x 21 cm

Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-943025-29-3
49.90 €

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History / Early Modern Period / Jews / Holy Roman Empire / Bohemia / Economic Conditions / Prague / Trade / Long-distance Trade / Credit / Interest / Liber albus Judeorum / Jewish Community

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Dr Maria Bunatová, born in 1970, studied Archaeology at the University of Prague. Between 1999 and 2005 she worked for two research projects at the Institute for Jewish History in Austria: “Austria Judaica – Bohemia, Moravia et Silesia Judaica” and “Business Life and Women’s Rights – The economic, legal and socio-religious situation of Jewish and Christian women in Austria, Croatia and the Czech Republic (13th – 16th centuries)”. She got her PhD degree in 2009.


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